Case Management Program

Physical Health and Wellness

Creating healthy habits to incorporate into our daily lives is an imperative ingredient of our foundation. We first show and observe the unique needs and abilities of each of our clients. Then, create a plan to implement in their daily routines.  We understand that this aspect is not a one-sized fit all type of approach. We will take the time to investigate different avenues for clients to explore and try that are unique to their personalities.

We have a hands-on approach at meeting clients in which they are given assistance with creating new skills and habits like:

  • Nutrition and healthy eating.
  • Cooking and meal preparation.
  • Household cleaning.
  • Personal hygiene.
  • Physical fitness unique to the individual

Communication and Healthy Relationships

Many of us have major issues with our personal relationships. We feel alone and that people “just don’t understand”. So, we stop communicating altogether. We push away our loved ones, blame others, and use our victim mentality to provide justification for our escape. The delusion pushes us away from the world and leaves us in a state of isolation. Until, finally, we feel the most comfortable alone in our rooms.

We work with clients, their families, and their partners to:

  • Understand the importance of a diverse fellowship.
  • Learn to deepen relationships and deal with common conflicts.
  • Identify and eliminate the unrealistic expectations we place on the people in our lives.
  • Make better decisions, learn to compromise, and keep an open mind of others’ opinions
  • Set healthy boundaries

Spiritual Coaching/Mentoring

We stand by the adage that self-knowledge will avail us nothing unless practiced and followed up by action.  At YSC, clients will have the opportunity to take their learned knowledge and awareness and apply it individually in a real-world setting with a mentor by their side. Clients will not walk alone as they enter new situations and activities which will aid in the recovery process.

We believe in attraction rather than promotion. Thus, we employ faculty who have had success in growing and maintaining long term sobriety.  Their resources are available to the clients – easing the transition into their new environment. Here, recovery is experienced; not just taught.  Spiritual guidance is shown; not told.  We aim to establish an atmosphere where clients want to know and want to ask “how?” rather than being lectured to from a hilltop.

Goal Setting and Accountability

We believe that daily structure is important to establishing self-confidence and direction. So, we start off by setting small, attainable goals. And, stressing the importance of teamwork. We implement new actions as we progress and discover the things that really fill our own personal cup. Our aim is to provide a daily (and eventual weekly) structure that is unique to each client which incorporates a plethora of outlets, activities, and personal time in which they can be efficient and not burn energy foolishly.

Clients learn about:

  • Planning
  • Importance of priorities and how to arrange accordingly
  • How to remain focused amidst inevitable daily stresses
  • Time management and structured living
  • Healthy outlets
  • Establishing attainable goals

Family Program

Here at YSC, we understand through personal experience the strain and worry caused by our loved one’s actions. Family is an integral part of long-term recovery. Slowly repairing and strengthening relationships is one of our main goals. It is important to understand the complex role that families play in the process of recovery. Individual family members must be concerned about their loved one’s problems, but they also have their own goals and issues they must work on as well. We are here to provide guidance, knowledge, and communication throughout your loved one’s entire stay with us!

Service to the whole family to improve overall effectiveness that includes:

  • Weekly correspondence
  • Follow-ups and updates throughout
  • Knowledge and education
  • Connections and resources in your area
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Establishing healthy boundaries
  • Improved communication
  • Beginning to rebuild trust
  • Mediation

12 Step Immersion

  • During the duration at YSC, clients will complete all twelve steps from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. They do so with the help of sponsors, recovery advocates, and mentors in both individual and community settings
  • Coinciding with the AA Big Book, residents will work out of and complete our personal Big Book workbook. This incorporates completing each step with full understanding and knowledge before transitioning to the next corresponding step.
  • Graduates of YSC who transition to our next phase will be an integral part of providing unique experience and knowledge to all new YSC residents. They can expect to participate through HNI’s, community meetings, sponsorship, and picking up and taking out
  • In-house community twelve-step groups take place daily helping to build foundations of fellowship and unity.

Service opportunities will be provided at different 12-step fellowship meetings and community-based events.                                                                                                                                                                           Hands-on training will take place where the client is introduced to different meetings, fellowship, and service that staff is already plugged into.

  • Passions will be discovered by placement in new activities each week to discover new healthy outlets which can be helpful to use after treatment concludes.
  • Spiritual seeking where the client can cultivate his connection with whichever avenue he chooses and feels most comfortable.

This will provide an opportunity to take the lessons and apply them in the real world with accountability and a mentor by their side every step of the way.



broth·​er·​hood | \ ˈbrə-t͟hər-ˌhu̇d \

Definition of brotherhood:

1: the quality or state of being brothers
2: fellowship, alliance
3: the whole body of persons engaged in a business or profession

Here at YSC, one of our primary duties is to help provide an atmosphere of brotherhood. We believe acceptance is a key component of growth and expansion for any individual. So, we created different components of our program that can create strong bricks in one’s foundation which incorporate:

1. Fostering creativity and learning
2. Idea generation
3. Sharing the workload
4. Gaining a new perspective
5. Making work more fun
6. Getting to play to your strengths
7. Bringing in various personality types
9. Boosting Productivity
10. Help during inevitable low spots

  • I’m writing this review not necessarily about Your Second Chance Recovery, but more about its owner and the source of its success, Dana Mcmahon. I was Dana‘s lawyer when he was at rock bottom, heroin-addicted and in jail. Using the steps that helped him gain his own sobriety and control over his life, he bought the headquarters of the rehabilitation program that actually expelled him, and is now the best in the business at helping others get their own lives back. If you don’t believe me, check out his Facebook reviews. Call Your Second Chance Recovery if you or a loved one need help. You’ll be glad you did.

    - Lloyd Goldburgh
  • As a mom of their child being in recovery and searching for a way to obtain and maintain sobriety, I believe Your Second Chance Recovery will give him that fighting chance with it being a 12-Step based program and knowing he is being mentored by Dana McMahon who has lived it from both sides and now can give back in helping others. So thankful you are in our paths:)

    - Elaine Connors
  • Having been a client at YSC during the Covid pandemic I was unsure what to expect during this crazy time. My experience was nothing like my mind told me it would be like. If anything I feel like the staff here worked longer hours and gave freely of their time to sit and talk with us after their shifts ended. You can feel the love here and all of the staff members are in recovery themselves so it was easy to open up. They let us into their personal lives where its evident right away that the advice and suggestions they give us is stuff they do on a daily basis to stay sober themselves. I’ve heard people talk a good game including myself but rarely do their feet match their mouths. The owner Dana picked me up off the streets of Pompano where I was homeless panhandleing and gave me a second chance at life. The name of this facility isn’t just some sound good marketing ploy they really give people another chance at life. Not many South Florida treatment center owners will ever even talk to their clients. This guy tracked me down and took me detox because my Mom called him in a panic. His partner Dan took me out to breakfast this morning. Its the little things like that which show me they care and that they will be a part of my recovery journey long after leaving YSC. Very grateful for this place.

    - Sean Connors
  • YSC has been the best decision I have ever made, Dana and his team are the best. The 12 step program that he introduces helped me get my life back n learn how to live a life of sobriety. I will always be grateful, and I highly recommend you take that first step and get your life back with their help.

    - Charlie W
  • As a parent, my prayers have come true. This has truly been a second chance for my son, and ultimately my entire family. If you believe in Angels, as I do, continue to pray for the success of this loving, heartfelt recovery home and the personal care of Dana McMahon.

    - Colleen G
  • As someone who has struggled with addiction for years, I have lived in many halfway houses. YSC is the best one I have ever lived in. Not only is the house very nice, clean, and well structured but the owner (Dana McMahon) is great and really cares. He goes above and beyond to help the guys who live there and is very active in the recovery community.

    - Chris B